Deeper Cloud Visibility and Better Cloud Management provides you with unparalleled visibility and insights into your cloud infrastructure. Complex and large cloud deployments with many-to-many resource relationships and complicated rules create challenges in terms of:

  1. Understanding the architecture.
  2. Securing, monitoring, and efficiently managing all the resources.
  3. Understanding costs and potential savings.

Let’s consider a sample use case where we discuss the VPC details available via

VPC is a sub-network within your entire cloud network. It will be good to be able to manage resources in the context of this network boundary. At a high-level altconsole shows two pieces of information:

  1. What is inside the VPC (internal)
    • AZs, subnets, network interfaces, instances, security groups, etc.
  2. What is happening outside of the VPC (external)
    • Ability to connect from/to outside VPC – public ingress/egress connectivity, VPC Peering connections, Gateway/Interface Endpoints connecting to services outside the VPC, etc.

The screenshot below shows the top-level VPC sections

VPC high-level sections

VPC high-level sections

Altconsole creates a map of the highly-enriched, denormalized information model for your cloud network. You can expand through each section and get more details from the overall VPC perspective – all of this information is extracted using Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) control plane configuration.

What information do we provide in the Cloud Component sections?

We aggregate, analyze and present information that helps you quickly explore a cloud resource. Further, we present useful information for:

  • A deeper understanding of how different resources are connected/interact, and
  • Smart configuration findings that overlay on the dashboard, close to the context.

You can further drill deeper to get to minute details.

For illustration purposes, let’s expand a couple of sections to view more details (shown below).

VPC sections details

VPC sections details

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