Reduce cost, Secure, and efficiently manage your cloud

We provide complete visibility and monitoring into Cost, Security, and Configuration Issues with your cloud's infrastructure control plane.

No Deployment Required

No need to install agents! We don't rely on any operational data for our analysis.

Easy setup

We ask your permission only to read your cloud configuration. You can start viewing the analysis in 5 minutes!

1 month Free Trial!

First month free! No contracts. No credit card is required.

Cloud Findings Layers

Monitor, protect, and optimize with layers of intelligent findings

We decorate your cloud infrastructure data with multiple layers of findings like costs, potential savings, security issues, and configuration issues that will provide you with insights close to the source.

No more guessing if the configuration is correct

Could you verify and validate that your cloud network has been configured as intended? You can only protect your cloud network if you have complete visibility.
Cloud data enriched

Continuous Monitoring and Alerting

We sync and analyze your cloud infrastructure configuration at regular intervals. Increases in costs or new issues are tracked immediately and alerted.

Purely based on static analysis

You don't need to deploy the changes to your cloud and discover issues later. Our static analysis implementation is built just for that.

Proactive monitoring

Potentially unsafe or incorrect configuration issues can lead to security breaches, compliance issues, and operational nightmares. We identify problems and give recommendations.

Perimeter View

Consolidated, logical view of your organization, cloud accounts, VPCs, etc., with allowed cross-boundary connections and permissions.

Enriched View

Complex many-many and multi-level relationships are simplified to present a richer view.

Deep Connectivity Analysis

See public/private, outgoing/incoming connections, accounting for Security Groups, Nacls, and Route Tables

IaC integration

Our integration with VCS and terraform allows you to monitor the impact of requested changes to the control plane before you push to any environment (currently in development).

Infrastructure Hierarchy

View your cloud infrastructure hierarchy, drill down and explore your assets. Search by tags, CIDRs, names, or resource Ids.

No credit card required. First month free!