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Granular cloud cost and usage visibility, cost optimization recommendations, and cost monitoring

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Anamoly Detection

Identify unusual patterns, outliers, or deviations in cloud costs for a specific resource or network segment; detect potential issues or suspicious activity.


Predict future cloud cost trends based on historical data at cloud account, network segment, and resource level.

Jira Integration

Support workflows by open tickets for issues to follow up. Track issues directly inside the app.

Suppress Savings Recommendations

We understand that a recommendation may not be applicable in specific edge scenarios. You can suppress such recommendations to focus only on actionable items.

Snooze Savings Recommendations

Your team may be too busy with higher-priority action items, but you want to return later to a lower-priority item. Snooze the savings recommendation to suppress it temporarily. Once the snooze time expires, the savings recommendation will start showing again.

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